The brand new Cheyenne Indians: Its Records and you may Method of Existence

The brand new Cheyenne Indians: Its Records and you may Method of Existence

(a) They will be unlawful to-break for the of the any force whatsoever and enter in one styles any house, building, workplace, space, apartment, tenement, store, warehouse, store, factory, barn, secure, garage, tent, watercraft, railroad auto, jet, motor vehicle truck or semitrailer, mobile house, trunk, cabinet, field, coin operated host, otherwise comparable design, target, or device of another versus concur on intention so you can:

(a) It are illegal to own, found, buy, or hide one private assets that has been taken or else extracted from its true owner in the admission on the Term which have brand new purpose in order to deprive the real proprietor thereof.

(b) Choosing stolen property are punishable because of the an excellent perhaps not surpassing Five Thousand Dollars ($5,). otherwise from the imprisonment in the Tribal jail to own an expression maybe not surpassing 1 year, or one another.

(c) In the event the property value the house exceeds You to definitely Thousand Bucks ($step 1,), a sentence from banishment to possess an occasion maybe not surpassing a decade are implemented as well as the abuse subscribed a lot more than.

(a) It is unlawful so you can falsify, wreck, içimizde Gürcü kadın bulmak treat, or keep hidden one composing otherwise listing, to your intention in order to cheat otherwise injure someone or to hide any wrong doing.

(b) Tampering which have ideas might be punishable by the a superb maybe not surpassing Five Thousand Dollars ($5,), otherwise by the imprisonment throughout the Tribal jail to own an expression maybe not surpassing 12 months, or by one another good and you may imprisonment, otherwise because of the a phrase from banishment getting a period not less than just one year neither surpassing 5 years, or one blend of these punishments. Up on the second conviction having tampering having records, a phrase out of banishment to have a period not less than five ages nor exceeding 10 years tends to be implemented in addition to brand new punishment licensed significantly more than.

(a) They will be illegal to purposefully offer capital otherwise make finance at a level of interest high the following:

(1) Whether your amount to that the focus applies are lower than One hundred Dollars ($) or even the time of the loan or investment was lower than one year, or one another, the interest rate should perhaps not surpass good 24% yearly simple interest.

(2) Whether your amount to that the desire applies is greater than A hundred Dollars or even the period of the financing or resource was higher than one year, otherwise each other, the rate of interest shall perhaps not meet or exceed an 18% yearly simple interest.

(b) Spoken or composed assault is punishable from the a superb not so you’re able to exceed Five Thousand Bucks ($5,), or by a term of imprisonment regarding Tribal jail perhaps not to go beyond one year, otherwise one another.

(1) Simply take, entice, keep hidden, otherwise detain a baby underneath the period of sixteen of his father or mother, protector and other legitimate custodian, understanding he’s got zero right in law to take action, and you may

(i) into the intention to hold the little one to have several months considerably prolonged you to definitely one visitation or custody months in earlier times given from the a court out-of competent legislation; otherwise

(b) Deviate sexual intercourse will be punishable because of the a superb to not ever meet or exceed Five Thousand Bucks ($5,), otherwise by the a beneficial tern from imprisonment throughout the Tribal prison perhaps not so you can go beyond 1 year, otherwise both.

(a) It is going to be unlawful to inquire about to have, provide, otherwise accept any cash, goods, in step, possessions, topic useful otherwise advantage, present or possible, otherwise one guarantee or doing, provided which have a wrongful otherwise corrupt purpose in order to influence unlawfully the individual whom it is given.

(b) Bribery should be punishable by a fine not to surpass Five Thousand Dollars ($5,); otherwise by a phrase off imprisonment about Tribal prison perhaps not to meet or exceed 1 year, or because of the banishment having no less than five years neither a lot more than simply ten years; or any blend of the above mentioned licensed punishments. Getting a second otherwise after that belief less than so it section, banishment tends to be implemented having no less than a decade neither more than lives.

Brand new Refuge: Yale University Press

(a) They will be unlawful whenever acting otherwise purporting to behave for the an official capabilities otherwise taking advantage of including actual otherwise supposed strength, with degree that such as for example make is actually unlawful, to:

(1) Subject a separate in order to stop, detention, search, seizure, mistreatment, dispossession, analysis, lien or any other infringement or private or possessions rights; or;

(2) On purpose do a misconception within the an authored software for your benefit of the omitting advice necessary to prevent comments therein out of being misleading; otherwise

(3) Submit otherwise ask reliance upon people composing which he knows to become forged, changed otherwise without credibility; otherwise

(4) Complete otherwise ask reliance on people try, sample, map, border mark, or other target which he knows are incorrect; that have a function so you’re able to mislead a public slave within the performing their official setting.

(b) Tampering having Public records shall be punishable of the a fine not to help you exceed Five Thousand Cash ($5,); or from the a phrase from imprisonment on Tribal prison perhaps not so you’re able to go beyond 1 year; otherwise from the banishment to have not less than five years neither way more than simply ten years; otherwise one another blend of the aforementioned authorized punishments. Having the next otherwise subsequent belief not as much as it section, banishment is generally enforced to own for around ten years maybe not more than lifetime.

(a) They is going to be illegal to provide people during the official detention that have alcoholic drinks, medicines, weapons, executes regarding escape, or any other situation otherwise substance that your star knows try improper otherwise unlawful toward detainee getting.

Grinnell, George Bird (1923)

(b) Delivering contraband are punishable because of the an excellent to not ever exceed Two hundred $ 50 ($), or of the a phrase out-of imprisonment in the Tribal prison perhaps not to help you surpass three months, or one another.

(b) Assisting return out of banished individuals might be punishable because of the an excellent of five Thousand Bucks ($5,) and by imprisonment in the Tribal jail having a phrase perhaps not exceeding 12 months, and by banishment having an occasion maybe not over you to-50 % of the word in which the fresh returned individual was banished.

(a) They would be illegal, becoming a public slave, along with the purpose so you can materially work with themselves or some other otherwise so you can spoil a different sort of, to:

(1) Consciously going a keen unauthorized act which purports becoming an operate regarding his workplace, or knowingly refrains from starting a non- discretionary obligation imposed on the him for legal reasons, or

(2) Realizing that official action are considered or in reliance upon recommendations which he has actually obtained by advantage off his place of work otherwise off a unique public servant, and therefore guidance was not made personal, he:

(i) acquires otherwise divests themselves away from a very important need for any possessions, purchase, or agency which is often influenced by including step otherwise pointers; otherwise

(ii) speculates or bets on such basis as for example step otherwise advice, or knowingly support yet another to-do some of the foregoing.

(c) Crazy perform are punishable of the an excellent to not surpass Two hundred $ 50 ($) otherwise by the a term away from imprisonment regarding the Tribal jail maybe not to go beyond three months, otherwise each other.

(c) Somebody who disseminates or and contains obscene question about way of his organization is believed to achieve this knowingly otherwise recklessly.